It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop!

As I write this blog post, I am three days away from the biggest physical challenge of my life so far.  The training plan has been gruelling and has taken over my life, but hopefully it has prepared me for what lies ahead.  I am 10kgs lighter than when I started my training and probably feeling the best I have ever felt.  You can’t beat the motivation that a Physio gives you when he tells you that you are overweight! ha


The last two weeks have been fairly weird.  This is the tapering phase of training and requires resting.  After such intense training, resting seems pretty alien and I have been finding it hard to cram in one last training session before the weekend arrives.  Listening to the experts though, when Sunday arrives, I should be as fresh as a daisy and ready to go….. which is just as well as the weather is also looking like its going to be fresh.

With the boredom of tapering setting in, you can’t help but look at the constant changing weather forecast, trying to decide what clothing you should wear for each of the disciplines.  At the last time of looking (and despite the fact that its 26degrees today) it is set to be a chilly and breezy 9 degrees.  I guess I will have to cycle faster to warm myself up, but at least the water temp will feel warm.

I’ve set myself a personal target of a time that I would liIMG_3121ke to finish the race in, although I will be happy just finishing the course.  I know that there will be many emotions on the day, and I have been telling myself to expect these.  ‘When the pain hits (and it will), just smile’ one friend said to me.  Sound words of advice I believe, as no one wants to see a grown man cry!!

The team morale should help push us all over the finish line too.  It has been great being involved in the GR100 event and doing this as part of a team.  Sharing training tips, clothing tips and sometimes just abusing each other on social media.  People from all walks of life who wouldn’t have met if it hadn’t been for the GR100 experience.  Hopefully some new friends to push onto the next challenge…. if there is one 😉

Hopefully, next time I write a post, I will be a IronMan70.3 Staffordshire FINISHER!!



Just like to say a massive thank you to Will Usher, Nick Dunn, Huub Design, GR Foundation for all the hard work that has gone into the event so far.  I am sure the weekend is going to be awesome and its all credit to you guys! Thank you

Also thank you to..

Hannah (my significant other) for allowing me to talk about transitions and bikes… it has cured her insomnia!

Al Skinner of Crystal Vision for helping with my core strength training

Jack Hammersley & Faye Brennan of Quays Wake and Ski for the use of the lake for Open water swimming



Its never too late to support me! just head to

IMG_3148 IMG_3106


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