Swim, Bike, Run, Repeat…..

This is the theme of my life at the moment. At the time of writing this blog post, I am precisely 34 days away from taking part in the IronMan70.3 Triathlon in Staffordshire… this s**t just got very real!!

In reality this means that there is only 3 weeks of effective training before tapering off to ensure an injury free 16th June. The most scary part is that as of yet, I haven’t done any open water swimming in the UK and I have zero Triathlon race experience. Hopefully by the end of this weekend, I should have ticked both of those boxes.

This Saturday morning is our final get-together as a team for our open water swim training. This will be a good opportunity to swim in a group and simulate the carnage that is to be expected on race day. I can’t speak for everyone, but this is my most feared discipline. The thought of swimming for 1.2 miles in open water in a large group fills me with dread. No amount of pool drills can prepare you for numerous blows to the body and face whilst trying to maintain swim stroke and breathing rhythm. Friends have been coming up with novel ideas to replicate this though. One being hitting me on the head with a paddle whilst I swim…. not so sure I am up for that, but thanks anyway!

Sunday morning, myself and Dave Martin are taking part in our first Sprint Triathlon at Eton Dorny Lakes in Windsor. This is a 400m Swim, 20k Bike ride and 5k run. Although only a fraction of a Middle Distance Ironman70.3, we felt that it would be good experience for the ‘transition’ part of the race. The good thing about the event is that it has a ‘Mates Wave’ category. This means that Dave and I can experience the race together and laugh at each other when he gets on his bike with his swimming goggles and I complete the run with my bicycle helmet on!!! Pictures to follow!!!!

Despite my current work schedule, I have managed to maintain a reasonable intensity of training. The major benefit of my job is that I get time whilst I am away to Bike, Run and Swim. Having the variation between the UK and abroad, helps keep me motivated and at the same time I get to see parts of countries I never knew existed….. not to mention differing driving standards.

Ian Thorpe Aquatic Centre in Sydney, Australia.
Ian Thorpe Aquatic Centre in Sydney, Australia.
My Road Bike all packed up for my travels around the world!
My Road Bike all packed up for my travels around the world!

My current fundraising total is sitting at just over £1500. Although this is amazing (and thank you to all those that have shown your support so far), I am still a long way from my target of £5000. I have a few fundraising ideas up my sleeve for which I will publish once I have finalised the plans. In the meantime, if you wish to sponsor, or if you have just been putting it off, then visit www.justgiving.com/jamesmckeownironman and show your support. It means the world to me to have you behind me, but it means even more to the people who benefit from your kindness.

Running with a view... Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge
Running with a view… Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge

Thank you to sponsors and supporters:-

GR100 Team
Will Usher – Precision Coaching
Nick Dunn – Tri Camp
Huub Design
Gordon Ramsay Foundation
Alan Skinner – Crystal Vision Fitness
Cancer Research UK
Smart Protein


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