Challenge, Perception, Motivation and Achievement

The English Premier League is such, that a team either has a lot of money or it doesn’t. With money, comes the ability to purchase the best players in the world. So the likes of Manchester City/United, Chelsea et al all have multi-million pound teams. The question I therefore ask is:-

Is winning the Premier League Title more or less challenging to those teams than the likes of West Bromwich Albion, Sunderland etc?

The answer, in my opinion, would boil down to how you perceive a challenge.

The dictionary defines challenge as ‘a task or situation that tests someones’s ability’. In this sense surely the greater the ability of the team, the lesser the challenge? Therefore a club with limited funds winning the EPL is a greater challenge than one with an unlimited one.

This brings me on to training for an event, such as the IronMan70.3. When I chat to people about what I am doing, the responses vary depending on whom I speak to. I’ve lost count of the amount of times i’ve been told ‘its only a half Ironman’ from people who have done many Triathlons, or ‘wow I think that sort of distance would kill me!’ from people who only do exercise for fun. What is perceived as being easy by one, is perceived as being difficult by another.

The GR100 Team is unique because everyone has a different ability. Some are seasoned Triathletes, and others (like myself) are doing their first one. My personal challenge is to complete the course, but I know that this would be different for some of my advanced team mates. However, we all have the same motivation. To complete the event and raise as much money for charity as possible as a team.

And herein brings me to my point. When someone sets themselves a serious challenge to raise money for others, we should base our willingness to donate on the challenge that person has set for themselves. Whether competing in and ‘egg and spoon’ race or climbing Mt Everest, the challenge to the individual is determined from the base level for which they have started… which point I should mention I weigh 105kgs and have one leg shorter than the other! (joke!!!!)

If you would like to help me ‘Achieve’ my goal, and ‘Motivate’ me with my ‘Challenge’ of completing the IronMan70.3 and raising £5000 for charity, please visit my JustGiving page.

Thank you to all the people that have donated and supported so far. I couldn’t do this without you.

Thanks also goes to sponsors and supporters:-

Will Usher – Precision Coaching
Nick Dunn – Tri Camp
Huub Design
Gordon Ramsay Foundation
Cancer Research UK
Crystal Vision Fitness – Winchfield
Smart Protein


James 😉


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