World Cancer Day and Snowy UK

So I guess today is a good reminder of why I am doing this IRONMAN 70.3 Triathlon with the exclusive GR100 Team and the Gordon Ramsay Foundation.

Today, Cancer Research UK announced that One in Two people will develop Cancer at some point in their lives.  A staggering statistic I am sure you’ll agree.

I know the world can’t be changed overnight, but with generosity and your support we can help combat this terrible disease.

Make a difference and donate today.  Visit my just giving page

My target is £5000 but I would love to reach and exceed that if possible.  Thank you to all the people that have donated and shown support so far.

With only 130 days left until the event, training is now in full swing.  Despite the cold and snow, I have managed my first 10k run since my ankle injury.  Back in January, I managed to twist my ankle whilst Snowboarding in La Rosiere, France.  Although its a lot easier to walk on now, I am still struggling with stability so it was very pleasing that I made it through a 10k run relatively unscathed!!

This week saw me link up with Crystal Vision Training in Winchfield.  Alan Skinner (Personal Trainer) will be working with me until the event and focussing on Core Strength and Conditioning.  Yesterdays session focussed on a Tabata style workout.  Now I thought Tabata was some kind of bread… its seems not.  This High Intensity Interval Training is designed to increase heart and rate and improve recovery times.  Based on 8x 20 second stations (punchbag, kettle bells etc) of intense exercise, with 10 seconds rest in between.  Each round lasts 4 minutes (feels longer!!) and the idea is to complete 8 rounds!!!  Now you won’t be surprised to hear that I nearly vomited after that, and that I can barely walk today…. No Pain No Gain right?? 

With the arrival of the snow and several frosty days this week, opportunities for bike riding have been fairly limited.  I managed to get out for an hour or so with Hannah at the weekend but thats about it.  To solve this issue, I am taking my bike to Florida at the weekend, to hook up with good friend Stew Mackie to enjoy some Floridian sunshine and long flat roads!!

Unless you are completely bonkers (some say I maybe!) then outdoor swimming is out of the question at this time of year also.  Being a wakeboarder, I would usually brave the cold and enjoy a 30 minute set behind the boat.  However, I would always set myself the challenge to never fall in (yeah right!).  I just can’t brave the water for a swim just yet, so I guess i’ll have to stick to the local swimming baths with heated changing rooms and nice warm showers!!

Snowy days are a sure sign Winter is here!!
Snowy days are a sure sign Winter is here!!
Dragging Hannah out on the bike
All smiles before the bike ride in the cold!!!

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