Week One is nearly over – Feeling good!

Well here I am on a Saturday evening after my first official training week for the IronMan Staffordshire 70.3.  I can’t say it has been the warmest weather for training but I have made the most of the sunshine and listened to some wise words of advice from fellow Triathletes (Gary Martin in Canada!) to Harden Up!  I’m glad I did as well as the two bike rides out in the cold were enjoyable and I felt that I was making progress.

This week has seen me rack up 3.3 miles of swimming in the pool over two sessions.  Probably the furthest and longest time that I have kicked my legs for!  Can’t say I am enjoy the taste of pool water either… seem to be drinking far too much of it.  Something I need to sort out before I start lake swimming!

On the down side, I am carrying a slight ankle injury thanks to me being an idiot on my snowboard during my last holiday.  Despite attempting an hour on the treadmill, I think I may need to give this a couple more weeks to heal before I attempt running again.

Week 2 of training is set to be a real challenge.  Multiple work commitments along with voluntary work for the NHS means something is going to have to give… most likely this will be my sleep and I’ll be getting up mega early to get those training sessions in.

I have recruited some help with Core Strength and Conditioning Training.  Alan at Crystal Vision Training will be shouting at me and making sure I reach my goals from February until race day.

Thank you to all those that have donated so far.  As you know I am trying to raise £5000 for Cancer Research UK and other charities along with the Gordon Ramsay Foundation.  To date, I have raised £306 which is great considering the event is not until June.  Also I understand that January is the hardest month to raise money due to everyone recovering from Christmas.

I am determined though, so I apologise in advance if you see my link to JustGiving all over the place…. especially on pay day 🙂

Thanks once again to all those that are supporting me in my venture.  Its for a good cause and hopefully monies raised will make a difference.

If you feel like you want to sponsor me, please visit my Just Giving Page

Click Here to Sponsor James for his IronMan Challenge

More to follow …….




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